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Welcome to European Tour Destinations – a Network of World Class Golf Venues which all have a close association with The European Tour, one of the game’s foremost organisations.

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European Tour Destinations News

Why sustainability matters to your brand

15th February 2021
A rise in environmental consciousness is changing the way customers think. GEO Foundation’s Jonathan Smith explains why sustainability should no longer be an ethical afterthought, but a fundamental part of your resort’s brand. Ten to 15 years ago, sustainability was something of a buzzword, but it’s proven to be quite a complex set of issues that continue to have more and more importance. There are significant environmental, ethical and social challenges and pressures around the world which are sadly not declining. The way we all live, run our businesses and play our golf is, increasingly, driven by sustainability. There’s far more recognition that we depend on the environment and the resources and services the natural world gives us. A consumer demand In the last decade, these challenges have come closer to consumer demands and, in turn, business performance. Being greener is less something you’d like to do and more of an essential element if you want to thrive both now and in the future. Research shows that more and more people want products and lifestyles that are greener and more sustainable, which they equate with being healthier. That strength of feeling is moving from ‘we hope that business will be greener’ to ‘we expect that business to be greener’. It’s becoming a demand from consumers. Golf and travel Sustainability is very relevant to land and community-based businesses like golf, and not just thinking about meeting expectations, but exceeding them. Where resorts and destinations are concerned, around 30% of the global tourism market is now owned by eco-tourism or sustainable tourism. It used to be that eco-tourism was relatively low-cost, low-impact, but now it’s moving into the realm of sustainable travellers spending more and being higher-value consumers. What this shows is that sustainability is fast becoming associated with quality and prestige. Consumers are willing to spend more on travel if it meets their expectations around sustainability. And that matters to your brand. Benefits of being sustainable If you integrate sustainability well across your business, from your operations to your marketing, then you can find these key benefits: Efficiencies – unpicking what you consume and how you consume it, and how your staff are engaged in operations, can result in a multitude of cost savings. Experience – the quality of the golf experience. Increasingly, resorts are integrating nature into the golfing landscape to improve the product experience. Also looking at multi-functionality in that rich natural environment such as walking, cycling, mountain biking. Studies show that people are appreciating natural environments more than ever, particularly in the last year during the pandemic. Popularity – sustainability credentials are an attribute and added appeal to your marketing, communications and branding activities Partnerships – a really exciting space for establishing mutually beneficial commercial and non-commercial partnerships with sustainability at the core A telling factor is that big accounting firms are now talking about sustainability. They know it helps the bottom line. A recent report by Ernst and Young showed that sustainable businesses are more robust, more

The European Tour: Gaining new fans in 2021

15th February 2021
After a heavily disrupted 2020, The European Tour is back with grand plans to expand its global audience even further. Its Head of Marketing, Tom Johnson, who spoke at the recent European Tour Destinations Annual Conference, explains more… Like many businesses, when the pandemic struck last year, all the plans we had made for brand building in 2020 were put to one side. However, what we found was that in the face of those challenges there was a surging interest in golf and a huge opportunity to grow and build our brand and take it in some slightly different directions. Our starting point It’s one thing to recognize an opportunity to grow and another thing to realise it. Around four or five years ago that we started to question how much we knew about our consumers and how they can add value to the business, not just in terms of selling directly to them but in value for stakeholders. They’re crucial currency in our business. We needed to know more about global golf fans, and in 2019 we commissioned a substantial research project with Ipsos Mori. It featured 6,000 participants across eight key markets – the UK and Ireland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, USA, Korea and Japan, and it has given us a huge amount of information. It’s not just people telling us what they like doing; it’s about identifying barriers, knowing what’s stopping them buying tickets to our events, or watching TV or following online. If you don’t understand the challenge, you can’t build the solution. We are using this research to shape and grow our brand around the world. For example, we always knew that the South Korea was a big potential market, but the survey has made us ask ourselves how we can turn it from a potential market to being a focus market. We needed a plan in place, so we have expanded some licence deals to gain a more active footing. Golf for Good With many of our plans derailed by the pandemic, we had an opportunity to take a look at ourselves and find other strengths in the organisation that we could bring to the fore in our messaging. Charity and social good was a critical one, and I think most businesses were looking to pivot into this area. Our iteration is Golf for Good, which we launched when tournament golf returned last summer. It’s based on three pillars: supporting global communities; celebrating local heroes and promoting golf for all. It’s borne out of a genuine desire to help the communities in which we play, and it has been incredibly successful, raising over a million euros throughout the year. Golf for Good has become an incredibly important part of our DNA, and I’d urge all brands to include social good in their core messaging. It’s not just because it’s the right thing to do or it’s good PR. It’s energising and it’s inspired our team here. Growing in 2021 When we’ve launched our schedule in

Digital disruption is transforming the customer experience

15th February 2021
The pandemic has thrust more people into the digital world than ever from online shopping to Zoom calls and everything between. With this seismic change in how people live and work, world class venues could increasingly turn to innovation to enhance the customer experience. Ian Knox explains… Golf is often criticised for being behind the curve when it comes to technology, and while that may be true in some cases, times are changing. World class resorts have been gradually adopting new technologies to enhance the customer journey, helping to personalise and digitalise the experience. But they could be forgiven for not fully embracing all technology available while certain segments of their customer base, particularly an elder demographic, were still favouring tradition. The pandemic has changed all that. Whether it’s Zoom calls, virtual classes or ordering food deliveries from your smart phone, more and more people have rapidly depended on digital solutions in their everyday lives. What might this mean in the resort space? We were fortunate to have George Stavros, CEO and Founder of Pacesetter, join us for our annual conference. Pacesetter is transforming the golf club member experience with a custom mobile app solution centred around increased personalisation and convenience. He outlined five ways exclusive clubs are elevating the experience for their members through mobile technology, and these could offer some clues for what we can expect to see more of in the resort space. Instant messaging Instant messaging within a dedicated app allows members to access quick answers to questions without needing to go to the trouble of calling. While resorts may currently offer live chat services, look for this to extend out to residents or guests and become more integrated with the experience at the resort. Food ordering George cited a well-documented trial of food and beverage delivery by drone at a golf course in Florida. And while this may not be possible for all resorts, it does offer a viable glimpse into the future. Allowing guests or residents to order what they want, when they want it from the golf course is a step up from ad hoc food carts. You can inform them how long it will take, and GPS track their position on the course to deliver it to them. Group fitness and wellbeing The notion of physical and mental wellbeing has become infinitely more important during pandemic lockdowns. As this trend continues, and some form of normality resumes, fitness and wellness classes are likely to become more popular and prevalent than ever. How people book them, may not. Rather than guests and residents needing to queue at the concierge desk to reserve their spot, offering them the option to book through their smartphone may be a need to have, rather than a nice to have. Exclusive invitations Private clubs have benefitted from members referring prospective members through a dedicated app invitation. George referred to one of Pacesetter’s clients, who said, ‘I want to make it super simple for my member to invite his

Need-to-know trends for the post-pandemic era

15th February 2021
Making predictions, projections or forecasts has been a challenging exercise at best in recent months. We asked Ben Martin, Principal at Global Design Firm HKS, and European Tour Destinations Real Estate Consultant, Sandra Ruttle, what trends are set to shape the resort real estate landscape in the months and years to come. Europe’s resorts are eager to welcome back guests after months of turbulence. But with so much change and uncertainty still in the air, it may be time to take stock and understand who your customers really are, and where your opportunities lie. These last few months have painted a contrasting picture: resorts with real estate have tended to fare well as owners have been drawn to them as safe havens. Those more reliant on overseas visitors or stay and play have understandably found things more challenging. But it’s time to strike a more optimistic note: there are better times ahead. And to help illustrate this and for you to make smart moves in your marketing efforts this year, Ben Martin, Principal at Global Design Firm, HKS, outlines 10 need-to-know trends and predictions for the coming months: 1. Domestic dominanceRestrictions will begin to lift, but only gradually. As this means the freedom to travel will remain somewhat restricted for some time, it’s prudent to focus your attention on growing your domestic market. The good news is, with people being unable to travel but wanting to take a holiday, you have a captive domestic audience to go after 2. Gen Z & MillennialsThere’s already a pent-up desire in younger people to travel and explore. Throw in to the mix the fact that they feel less of a need to protect themselves, and you have a subset of people more receptive to what you have to offer than ever. 3. Vaccine confidence in the elderly As the vaccine rollout continues, expect increased confidence particularly from the over 50s, who are among the first to receive it. They have been stuck inside for too long and although some will still tread carefully, many will want to get out and see the world. 4. Bucket list surgeNewsflash: we’re not immortal. At least that’s what people have realised more and more in recent months. This is going to encourage people to act on their bucket list. Those places they have always wanted to visit or golf courses they have always wanted to play will no longer be confined to a piece of paper. 5. Spontaneous travelWith restrictions still looming and rules constantly changing, don’t expect people to book too far ahead of time. Last-minute travel is here to stay. 6. Bubble tourismWith the advent of social distancing and a reduction in mixing, this paves the way for opportunities around ‘bubble tourism’. Think self-contained luxury lodges close to nature and the outdoors. We can expect to see resorts increasingly invest in these types of experiences. 7. Phygital design ‘Phygital’ or combining the physical and digital is accelerating. Whether it’s controlling heating, cooling, lighting or sound
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European Tour Destinations all have the stamp of tournament quality and present a level of on and off-course facilities guaranteed to provide a memorable golfing experience for all members and visitors.

The European Tour Destinations network includes some of the most prestigious golf and lifestyle resorts in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia, many of our 30 Venues boast courses consistently ranked highly in international rankings.

The network also boasts the only European Tour Performance Institute in the world, at Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort. The ETPI uses the world class knowledge of The European Tour’s medical and performance services team and the latest in swing technology to improve the game of golfers of all abilities.

Real Estate

For those seeking the ultimate golfing lifestyle, a number of our Member Venues offer elegant and secluded real-estate opportunities, and our reciprocal membership scheme offers a “home from home” experience for all club members.

A wide range of high quality real estate opportunities are available at our world class venues, from elegant on course villas to beach fronted townhouses and luxury apartments.

Fine & Country Golf

Fine & Country Golf, a specialist division within the multi-award winning real estate agency Fine & Country, markets and sells properties from an exclusive portfolio of the most sought after golfing real estate around the world.

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