• La Hacienda Links Golf Resort

    San Roque, Spain
  • Arabella Golf Resort

    Mallorca, Spain
  • Estonian Golf & Country Club

    Tallinn, Estonia
  • Costa Navarino

    Messinia, Greece
  • Saujana Golf & Country Club

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Welcome to European Tour Destinations – a Network of World Class Golf Venues which all have a close association with The European Tour group, one of the game’s foremost organisations.

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    Palma, 15 km
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    Arabella Golf Academy
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    Three hotels
  • Airport
    Amsterdam Schiphol, 81km / Rotterdam, 45km
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    The Dutch Academy
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European Tour Destinations News

Enticing American golf travellers

16th May 2024
With 45 million Americans playing golf, both on and off-course in 2023, the United States represents an attractive target market for global golf destinations. In his session during the 2024 European Tour Destinations Annual Conference, Vic Aliprando, Senior Vice President of the TPC Network, was joined by his colleague Alissa McCrandall, Senior Manager, TPC Passport, to present research on how best to target American golfers. “The US golf market is growing considerably each year. So, enticing golfers to travel further afield to experience courses, resorts and destinations in international locations is a substantial opportunity for venues across the Atlantic to take advantage of,” said Vic. “There’s also a further 22 million people who didn’t play golf in 2023, but said they would be interested. This latent demand, which has grown 45 per cent since 2019, suggests that the potential market is a sizeable figure.” The top-line of Vic and Alissa’s research, based on a survey of TPC Network venue members, suggests when golfers in the US are looking at travel options abroad, they’re primarily looking at venues offering the same quality that they are accustomed to on American soil.  Vic explained: “First and foremost, Americans want their travel to be easy. They want all elements of their booking – and the respective costs – to be included as part of their booking. So, things like airport transfers, golf bags, any additional ground transportation, etc. are within the travel itinerary. “And, when it comes to their hotel, they want spacious rooms, superior comfort, and, above all, first-class service. They’re looking for that VIP treatment as well when it comes to their booked activities.” The TPC Network’s research helped define three consumer profiles: 1. Golf Buddy Trips  “This group is likely to comprise low-handicap golfers, looking for a trip away with friends of a similar playing ability, seeking a destination with multiple courses in one area. “They want iconic golf courses or layouts with unique designs, by the sea, with exceptional vistas, anything ‘bucket-list’ worthy, they would be keen on. So, for ‘newer’ or emerging golf destinations, special packages could be a good way of attracting this group of golfer. “It is also important to get the ground transportation element right for these golfers. Having booked to play multiple courses, there is an expectation that transfers will be organised in advance – and already included in the price. “Finally, from an accommodation point of view, this type of golfer would opt for larger suites or even villas, which would allow them to increase the group size from maybe four to eight people.” 2. Golf as part of the trip experience  “For this consumer group, they’re more likely to consist of couples, whereby the trip is more about the experiences that you can enjoy at the destination, of which golf is one. “These travellers would be looking for a destination that offers unique cultural experiences, where sightseeing, local excursions and traditional activities are of primary importance. Delectable post-round culinary options are also a

How to utilise AI in golf real estate

16th May 2024
The advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) – a subset of AI focused on creating new content, designs and solutions – continues to make its mark across various sectors, delivering a range of tools to revolutionise businesses and to help deliver exceptional customer experiences. Sandra Ruttle, Real Estate and Business Consultant for European Tour Destinations, said: “According to recent research by McKinsey, real estate companies can gain more than 10 percent in net operating income through more efficient practices, stronger customer experience, new revenue streams and smarter asset selection, by adopting generative AI.” For Sandra, there are three key areas where golf destinations can maximise the potential of generative AI as they extend their marketing reach to include both new developments and resales: 1. Personalised Consumer Engagement Generative AI can empower golf resorts to create personalised communications tailored to prospective buyers. “Understanding the unique needs and desires of potential investors has always been crucial for our network venues,” said Sandra. “And this is an area where generative AI can prove invaluable. “By analysing vast amounts of available data, including demographics, consumer behaviour and market trends, generative AI can help curate communications for prospective buyers and resort clients, from personalised emails to bespoke responses to customer enquiries, complaints, or feedback.” The technology can also help craft creative property listings, consider key property features and customer preferences, and generate fresh ideas for social media marketing, blogs and newsletters. 2. Optimised Planning and Design In real estate development, efficient planning and design are imperative. As times passes, AI is playing a larger role in the design process by providing insights into optimal layouts and the most efficient infrastructure. Sandra explained: “Generative AI can be used as part of the architectural planning process to simulate various design scenarios and assess their feasibility, enabling developers to make informed decisions quickly. “According to JLL, the birth of the ‘real intelligent building’ is imminent, with AI-compliant infrastructure becoming a default, just as internet connections are a default feature of current buildings.” It is important to note that whilst generative AI can support the delivery of the architectural plans, the architect’s design skills are still very much needed to ensure the overall project, including the intangible aspects, such as the artistic and emotional elements, are included within the final product and acceptable to the client. 3. Predictive Analytics for Market Trends Generative AI can help golf destinations keep abreast of continually evolving market trends by using algorithms to leverage valuable predictive analytics. “Globally, there are over 500 companies providing AI-powered services to real estate, which are already delivering value in terms of improved efficiency and cost-savings,” outlined Sandra. “AI tools can quickly and accurately analyse data on real estate demand, market trends and customer preferences. Thus, enabling agents and developers to make more informed decisions, allocate resources more efficiently and help direct investments where they bring the best results. “The technology can also enable golf destinations to adjust pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, and resort planning in advance, allowing
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European Tour Destinations is a network of golf’s most prestigious resorts located across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Each venue’s identity is closely aligned to the European Tour Group, creating a unique partnership that delivers work practices based on global experience, yet localised to retain and deliver venue individuality.

Within our 26 venues, we have 50 golf courses and over 15,000 members with 21 venues having hosted European Tour Group events.

Real Estate

For those seeking the ultimate golfing lifestyle, a number of our Member Venues offer elegant and secluded real-estate opportunities, and our reciprocal membership scheme offers a “home from home” experience for all club members.

A wide range of high quality real estate opportunities are available at our world class venues, from elegant on course villas to beach fronted townhouses and luxury apartments.

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Fine & Country Golf, a specialist division within the multi-award winning real estate agency Fine & Country, markets and sells properties from an exclusive portfolio of the most sought after golfing real estate around the world.

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