• Constance Lemuria

    Praslin, Seychelles
  • Quinta do Lago

    Algarve, Portugal
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    Hameenlinna, Finland
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    Bansko, Bulgaria
  • Jumeirah Golf Estates

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Welcome to European Tour Destinations – a Network of World Class Golf Venues which all have a close association with The European Tour group, one of the game’s foremost organisations.

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    Girona, 8km – Barcelona El Prat, 98km
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    Golf Academy with Trackman Range now available
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    Golf Academy
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    5-star Park Hyatt Hotel
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European Tour Destinations News

Creating successful partnerships and striking deals that count

16th July 2024
Hardy Cubasch, Group Consumer Director for DP World Tour & Ryder Cup, explains how businesses should strike alliances that are built on a shared purpose, which hold common values and a commitment to achieving collective goals to truly make those partnerships successful. “Traditional transactional relationships are a thing of the past,” said Hardy. “These days, partners are seeking properties whose visions and values align with their own, where the alliance would go beyond a basic ‘sponsorship’.” He believes organisations, in this case golf destinations, need to view their brand partners as strategic allies whose mutual commitment is to enhance customer, member and guest experiences, foster brand loyalty, and promote social impact. “The clearer the USP and value proposition, the better the understanding of what makes a venue appealing to a brand,” he said. “Is it the fact that it’s an exclusive private members’ club, that attracts very affluent customers, and is ranked among the world’s best golf resorts, for example. Being clear on what you have to offer is key. “On the flip side, venues must understand what a prospective partner brand is trying to get from the alliance to ensure both parties can extract value. “Venues need to understand what sort of businesses they are approaching, what their products or services are, who their target audiences are, and what they can offer that is unique, more personalised or bespoke, and be able to communicate how they are best placed to fulfil this proposition.” Hardy points out how certain clubs might have a sought-after, affluent customer base or a ‘hard to reach’ member pool that a lot of brands, and in particular premium ones, will want to get in front of. However, as a venue, there is a responsibility to protect this coveted audience. “Brands you work with should be well aware that the more personalised their approach, the more responsive the membership will be because they are being made to feel special, what they are being communicated is more bespoke than they see the brand doing elsewhere, that they feel they are part of a select few.” he continued. “Brands that do it right, are ones that really shape the messaging or go the extra mile to do something unique for that specific audience that isn’t being done elsewhere. These types of approaches can generate high levels of engagement, which in turn lead to brand affinity, loyalty and depending on the activity, social impact. “Therefore, the better understanding you have of your membership, their preferences, what their habits or lifestyles are, the more personalised and impactful experiences brand partnerships can provide, deepening the relationship between all parties, and ultimately creating profitable and meaningful partnerships for the destination.” Once venues have struck an alliance with one or two recognisable ‘anchor’ partners, Hardy describes how he’s seen this draw in other similar brands or industry sectors whose values, principles or philosophies align. “Brands tend to be more open when they see organisations with successful existing partnerships. It’s also much easier to

Constance Hotels & Resorts unveils its new loyalty program: Echo Privilege Club

15th July 2024
This eagerly awaited initiative represents a significant advancement in the way Constance Hotels & Resorts enhances guest experiences across all its hotels in Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius, Rodrigues, and Madagascar. Jean-Jacques Vallet, CEO of Constance Hospitality Management, shared his enthusiasm for this new venture: “The introduction of Echo Privilege Club is a proud moment for us, marking the fruition of two years of meticulous planning and dedication. This program is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional and sustainable luxury experiences.” Echo Privilege Club is more than a loyalty program; it’s a journey of rediscovery and enchantment. Named ‘Echo’ to reflect the lasting impressions of our guests’ experiences and our commitment to ecological sustainability, the program ensures that the memories made at Constance Hotels & Resorts resonate long after their stay. Echo Privilege Club is structured around four tiers, each offering a progressively enhanced level of service and recognition. This tiered system is designed to acknowledge and reward the loyalty of our guests, providing them with an array of exclusive benefits and personalized experiences that cater to their individual preferences and needs. The program is tailored to create memorable experiences for our guests. By understanding their preferences and habits, we can offer a stay that is not just personalized but also deeply rewarding. At Constance Hotels & Resorts, we are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for our guests. Echo Privilege Club is designed to enhance these experiences, ensuring that returning guests are greeted with the same warmth and exceptional service they have come to expect, while continually offering new and exciting opportunities. In line with our ethos of luxury in harmony with nature, Echo Privilege Club is deeply rooted in sustainability. Our extensive initiatives, such as mangrove conservation, turtle breeding, coral reef preservation, tree planting, and desalination, are a core part of the program, inviting guests to participate in our efforts to protect and nurture the environment. These initiatives highlight our commitment to sustainability and our unique approach to luxury hospitality. Echo Privilege Club is a significant addition to the luxury hospitality landscape in the Indian Ocean, reinforcing Constance Hotels & Resorts’ position as a pioneer in offering unique, sustainable luxury experiences.

How golf wins gold at the Olympics

15th July 2024
“Having our sport represented at the Olympics is a great platform for the game, not only from a visibility perspective but also one of legacy that can inspire the next generations,” he said. “Everyone involved in the golf industry should be looking to build on the positive image these Games will help shine on our beloved sport, where the players are competing for pride and for country, not for pots of cash, where golf is portrayed as an athletic sport that will now be a permanent Olympic discipline, and where its environmentally-friendly and sustainable assets can be showcased globally.” Paul explains how, from a fan base, Paris 2024 is benefitting from the inclusion of golf in the Games portfolio, but also how they are exposing golf to a larger number of people, many of whom might be finding out about the sport for the first time. He said: “Golf is among the top 10 most followed sports in the world, with an estimated 450 million fans. So, the Olympics are benefitting from a very unique and loyal following. “However, if I look at who has bought tickets to come to Le Golf National, it’s a much younger crowd than what we’d usually see at Tour events and there’s a much greater female representation. I would also say a large proportion are non-golfers who have taken advantage of the reasonably priced tickets of our events. “A lot of people will also be watching Paris 2024 on TV, so, seeing the lush green scenery, blue skies and undulating fairways of Le Golf National might make them think ‘Wow, what a beautiful and peaceful environment’ – hopefully feeling a draw to try out a sport that is played in such natural surroundings.” This, Paul believes is a huge advantage golf has over other disciplines. “Golf is not just a sport; it is a sport intrinsically linked to tourism – an aspect I don’t think we capitalise on enough as industry experts,” he said. “Golf is about being outdoors, discovering new destinations and playing different courses – something sports like tennis, football or basketball can’t offer, in so much as playing a clay court at Roland Garros, is a similar experience to playing a clay court in Marseille, Spain or even New York. “Whereas in golf, every course is different. They’re set in different environments, in different climates, providing very different experiences – and that is what I believe, a golf destination should capitalise on and promote.” An important outcome post-Olympics will be how golf courses, resorts and destinations will build on the legacy of golf’s reintroduction into the Games after a one-hundred-year absence. “Some of the most successful golfing facilities are the ones that actively seek out the next client. Being passive and waiting for customers to come to you is a thing of the past,” added Paul. “Golf’s in competition with many sports and activities that take much less time, and are sometimes far more accessible or easier to pick up as
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European Tour Destinations is a network of golf’s most prestigious resorts located across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Each venue’s identity is closely aligned to the European Tour Group, creating a unique partnership that delivers work practices based on global experience, yet localised to retain and deliver venue individuality.

Within our 26 venues, we have 50 golf courses and over 15,000 members with 21 venues having hosted European Tour Group events.

Real Estate

For those seeking the ultimate golfing lifestyle, a number of our Member Venues offer elegant and secluded real-estate opportunities, and our reciprocal membership scheme offers a “home from home” experience for all club members.

A wide range of high quality real estate opportunities are available at our world class venues, from elegant on course villas to beach fronted townhouses and luxury apartments.

Fine & Country Golf

Fine & Country Golf, a specialist division within the multi-award winning real estate agency Fine & Country, markets and sells properties from an exclusive portfolio of the most sought after golfing real estate around the world.

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