How Technology Can Energise Your Customer Experience

By Emily Kay 1 year ago

Consumer needs are evolving. In the past, a golf holiday was very much about the golf experience (and that alone). And while that remains fundamentally important, the demands of customers are broadening, and their expectations are increasing.

How then can resorts bring increased personalisation, convenience and flexibility to the guest and resident experience?

For a number of European Tour Destinations partner venues, the answer lies in technology solutions. Solutions which not only accommodate and surpass customer expectations, but help to differentiate the resort’s offering and, crucially, keep customers coming back.

Staying connected

Members of St. Leon-Rot, in Germany, have functionality at their fingertips, courtesy of the club’s bespoke mobile app: an app which allows them to book tee times, lessons or even order food and beverages.

As people continue to become more time poor, and inundated with different types of communication (social media, email, direct mail), the benefit of a dedicated platform is helping the club to increase its personalisation to members and give them what they need in a quick, efficient manner.

In the case of St. Leon-Rot the benefits are not only functional. By provisioning this space for member news and events, it’s also a tool which helps to increase member’s sense of belonging and connectivity to the club – invaluable over the long-term.

A standout experience

Demand for golf lessons across the network of destinations is extremely strong, both from guests looking to fine tune their game before playing, and from residents too.

But the days of a purely functional golf lesson are coming to an end. It has now become an experience in its own right, interacting with a pro as well as layers of technology to arrive at the right solutions.

PGA Catalunya Resort is a shining example of how to infuse new technology and create a complete learning experience, with the latest Trackman, 3D motion capture system and Top Tracer now available to guests and residents at the “Golf Hub”.

If resorts can isolate and enhance these individual customer touchpoints and create an experience at every turn, the cumulative experience is what will really set them apart.

Peace of mind

For residents, increased convenience and flexibility does not come to a halt when they depart. At Finca Cortesín, real estate owners have been handed the power to manage their home wherever they are in the world.

If they wish to view a live feed of their home, they can. If they want to turn the lights on, they can. If they want to turn the heating (or cooling) on before they arrive back at the residence, they can.

This level of sophistication and user-friendliness on a functional level is invaluable to residents, but it also runs deeper. It gives owners a sense of comfort. Should they have any concerns they can see for themselves exactly what is happening, whenever they want.

As lifestyles continue to get busier, the value of increased convenience, flexibility and personalisation will continue to soar.

The challenge for golf resorts? To provision the solutions which meet and exceed these expectations, and enhance the experience at every turn.

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