Golf venues rethinking memberships to protect against rising cost of living

By ET Webmaster 2 years ago

Membership up across European Tour Destinations network but venues adopting new strategies to maintain numbers

European Tour Destinations venues around the world are putting campaigns and initiatives in place to mitigate against the rising cost of living.

Membership across the network of 28 world-class golf venues increased by an average of 10% over the last 12 months as golf continued to enjoy post-pandemic demand.

However, with many members’ household expenditure spiralling this year, these destinations are well aware of the danger of becoming an expendable luxury.

Ian Knox, Head of European Tour Destinations, explains: “A recent BRS survey found that just over half of 13,000 respondents viewed golf as a necessity rather than a luxury, so despite the positive figures we are seeing in the annual audit of our venues, it is not a time to be complacent.”

‘Rethinking Membership 2022’, a new multimedia feature, explores the strategies of four leading European Tour Destinations to not only retain new and existing members but access new demographics:

  • London Golf Club, England – adding value to memberships (including offering family membership that extends beyond the household) which has helped bring the club to full member capacity
  • Hidden Grace Golf Club, China (formerly Genzon GC) – reacting to an increasingly younger membership and a shift in demands
  • Diamond Country Club, Austria – attracting new golfers and families to its 9-hole course (which has seen around 3,000 rounds from non-members in two years) with a flexible, affordable membership option
  • Linna Golf, Finland (pictured above) – offering reduced annual subscriptions for people under 30, a move it describes as a huge success

“Minimising attrition is always important,” Knox continues. “But with the global economic landscape looking increasingly unsettled heading into 2023, it’s vital that venues have strategies in place to maintain strong numbers and ride out the storm.”

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