20 Years St. Leon-Rot Golf Club

By Emily Kay 6 years ago

At the end of April, St. Leon-Rot Golf Club celebrated its 20th anniversary with a grand feast in the SAP Arena. Almost 2,000 guests, including the members of the club and their families, 400 children and young people from the youth development programme, long-standing companions as well as representatives of Germany’s most important golf organisations had a rollicking party in the multi-purpose arena in Mannheim, which had been turned into a golf funfair.

Great attractions, all around the theme of golf, and nostalgic funfair elements awaited the guests. The highlight was President Dietmar Hopp’s golden putt: Under the thundering applause of several hundreds of children, he unerringly holed from 20 metres distance, symbolic for 20 years.

Afterwards, the President opened the second part of the anniversary celebration, the official ceremony, introduced by 20 kids from the club. In his witty speech, he remembered the history of St. Leon-Rot Golf Club, which, under his aegis, has become one of the largest sports clubs in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar and the showcase project of German golf, especially due to its outstanding youth work.

The third part of the celebrations was a great party in the Business Club, in the loges and the legendary Adler Mannheim fan pub in the SAP Arena, rounding off the boisterous anniversary celebrations. The party went on all night, especially in the Adler fan pub, which was turned into a club with a DJ and a cocktail bar.

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