Monthly Blog – April

By Emily Kay 2 months ago

Golf sustainability is changing the way consumers and businesses are thinking, with several new sustainability initiatives recently launched, including the European Tour Group’s Green Drive targeting net carbon zero emissions by 2040. Within this plan, the European Tour Destinations network of golf courses are implementing various environmental and sustainable initiatives, that are becoming key pillars to their business strategy.

Constance Lemuria, Seychelles and Constance Belle Mare Plage, Mauritius

As island resorts in the Indian Ocean, Constance Hotels & Resorts has a dedicated Sustainability Manager who is supporting many of the sustainable initiatives at each resort including replacing single-use plastics in favour of refillable drinking water bottles.

Some of the other initiatives at the Constance Hotels & Resorts include: encouraging and supporting clean up of the marine and costal environments, coral planting, organic fertilisers and local produce to each resort.

Camiral Golf & Wellness, Spain

Both Camiral’s Wellness Centre and Hotel Camiral have reduced their energy consumption by 50% with an on-site power station and solar panels that help cut more than 362 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Recycled water that is treated and purified is used to irrigate both golf courses and green areas around the resort.

Camiral’s zero-kilometre food movement – grows natural produce on-site to use within its restaurants, sell as its shops and harvest by its residents.

Costa Navarino, Greece

At the heart of Costa Navarino strategies lies a strong commitment to sustainability with 90% of the estate’s total land area has been dedicated to planted and natural greenery, which includes the replanting of more than 7,000 olive trees, 9,900 new indigenous trees, and more than 1,089,00 endemic shrubs of different species.

Since 2020, Costa Navarino has partnered with WWF Greece with the aim to reduce single-use plastics across the resort and its operations.

Arabella Golf Resort Mallorca, Spain

The courses are Arabella Golf Resort Malloca are a prime example of how to preserve the natural environment, plants and wildlife present at each golf course, demonstrated through their multiple sustainable actions.

The resort also uses recycled water for irrigation, replaced single use plastic bottles with water fountains, implemented solar panels to help generate clubhouse electricity, use of hybrid machinery, use of organic phytosanitary products, and opening a vegetable garden who produce is used across their restaurants.

Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort, France

Terre Blanche has developed a natural sanctuary of 300 hectares where wildlife, flora and fauna can prosper. They have set up a programme to reintroduce endemic species such as swans, geese, koi carp, and black bass.

At the heart of the resort Terre Blanche have built an aromatic vegetable garden, which offers around 15 aromatic plants used by the resort’s chefs.

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