Linna Golf has completed a real estate transaction with the city of Hämeenlinna

By Emily Kay 2 months ago

Linna Golf has completed a real estate transaction with the city of Hämeenlinna – the total of a 92-hectare golf course area. Over 50 hectares of the area consists of maintained grasslands for the golf course and a nine-hectare area located in the centre of the course will be reserved for residential development in collaboration with the city of Hämeenlinna.

“Our goal is to enhance the vitality of the entire Vanajanlinna area and build a unique new residential environment in the midst of Finland’s premier golf course. The area will attract people from other regions to move to Hämeenlinna, as there will be a completely new and appealing plot offering in the area,” says Hannu Mäntyharju, Chairman of the Board of Linna Golf.

The reserved area is within fairways 4-8, predominantly opening towards the southwest and west. There will be 30-40 new houses, with the design inspired by modern Finnish wooden architecture. The average size of the houses will be approximately 150 sqm and all houses will be heated by ecological ground heating with the help of solar panels on the roof.

Jari Koskinen, Chairman of the Hämeenlinna City Council, is pleased that a mutual agreement on land transactions was reached, stating “hopefully, the zoning and development of the area will now proceed swiftly. The land deal was beneficial for both parties: the city received the additional revenue whilst getting a fair price for the land. From Linna Golf’s perspective, it’s good that the land is in owned by them.”

Linna Golf, Finland

“Real estate development plays such a crucial role in the financing of entire areas on many golf courses worldwide that when building the course, the interaction between the course and the real estate must be taken into account. This was also done with Linna Golf many years ago,” confirms CEO Esa Honkalehto. “The zoned area at Linna is surrounded by a total of five golf holes, all of which are positioned to the left of the direction of play. This is a good thing for the safety of the buildings” describes Honkalehto.

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